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News Guangdong

Proposals for postponing "two sessions" provide time to fight COVID-19 outbreak

Monday's proposals to postpone China's "two sessions" conform to the reality that China has entered the most crucial stage of fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic and must prevent any risks of rendering the previous sacrifices of the entire nation in vain.

Border checkpoints employ virus safeguard methods

Zhuhai customs and frontier inspection stations have prevention and control measures in place to ensure smooth customs clearances of commodities as well as safe border crossings during the corona virus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

Guangdong-aided medical center opened in Jingzhou of Hubei

As of midnight, February 16th, Guangdong had reported 6 new cases, pushing the total number of infected patients to 1322. 2 more death were reported.

Ethiopian CG in Guangzhou: stand in solidarity, no drifting apart

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), more than 40 countries have expressed support for the prevention and control measures China has taken aga\oronavirus (COVID-19).

Temperatures to drop to a chilly 5℃ in Guangzhou tomorrow

The cold wave brought rain and even snow to Lianzhou, Qingyuan from February 15th to 16th, which was the new year’s first snowfall in the province, according to the Guangdong Meteorological Service.
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